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Belize offshore bankingOpening and maintaining an offshore bank account for your Belize IBC, Belize LLC, Belize Foundation, or Offshore Trust is an important component of your asset protection or tax planning strategy.

We offer assistance in opening bank accounts as well as referrals to banks, enabling global investors to access high-tech and modern financial services. We work closely with internationally respected offshore banks, including the largest international bank in Belize, in assisting our clients with their offshore banking requirements. 

Offshore Bank Accounts

Orion is not a bank or a financial institution and does not have any say in whether or not a bank account will be opened for your IBC or Trust. Each bank has its own due diligence process, and the decision on whether an account will be opened will be made by the bank after all its requirements have been satisfied.

However, Orion is very familiar with banking requirements and with the completion of the banks’ forms. As part of its offshore banking services, Orion offers to assist clients in opening offshore banking accounts. We can assist clients in opening an account with a bank in Belize specializing in offshore banking services, or with a bank in Austria.

We can assist in opening accounts in Austria in the following currencies:  Euro (EUR), US dollars (USD), Canadian dollars (CAD), Pounds Sterling (GBP), Australian dollars (AUS).

Why bank in Austria?

Austria is a country located in Central Europe which is well known for its political and economic stability, healthy mortgage industry, low inflation rate and its booming banking sector.

Its banks are subject to the Austrian banking laws and their stringent liquidity requirements and protection of clients’ deposits. Banking confidentiality has constitutional ranking and will protect the privacy of your financial details.

Austria is well known for the quality and discretion of its Private Banking Services, resting on centuries of experiences and transactions.

We can make this expertise available to you.

Merchant Accounts

Businesses that wish to accept credit cards for payment for their goods and services must first establish a merchant account with an authorized bank.

E-commerce merchant accounts provide the means for Internet Businesses to accept payments via Visa and MasterCard credit cards via the Internet as a form of payment for goods or services anywhere in the world. It provides an easier method for clients to shop over the Internet and allows merchants to sell their goods and services to a global market, thus make life easier for both the clients and merchants.

VISA and MasterCard credit cards will enable you to make purchases and access funds anywhere in the world.

VISA Debit Cards that are accepted anywhere VISA is accepted.  The card can be used for purchases at merchants and for cash advance at any ATM that accepts VISA.  For security reasons, the Debit Card has been restricted from use for online/telephone purchases and at gas pumps.  Note that the debit card deducts funds directly from the client’s account when it is used.  As a result, this is the fastest and easiest way to pay for all your purchases at merchant.

VISA prepaid card is a prepaid card that is loaded with funds as needed by the cardholder.  When your funds have been used, you can send instructions for a re-load from your Bank account.  Prepaid cards are available in both personalized and non-personalized cards.  Personalized card have the cardholder name on them and can be used for Internet purchases.   Non-personalized cards do not have the cardholder name on them and cannot be used for Internet purchases. Non-personalized cards can however be used at merchants and ATM’s worldwide.

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