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It is simple and fast to form an offshore company. We will help you through the process and can assist in every step of your offshore company formation.

Application Form

Download the IBC Application Form and return it to us.
You will need a PDF Reader to view this application.


Any person related to the Company, including beneficial owner(s), director(s) and signatories must submit the following documents:

  • Photo Identification - The copy of passport must be notarized.
  • Suitable Reference - References from an acceptable legal or accounting firm. A bankers' reference will only be accepted from an acceptable financial institution and should be an institution with which the person has had a relationship for at least two years. This should be stated in the reference. (eg., length of relationship, nature of business, and average balances where possible).
  • Proof of Residency - Copy of Utility Bill, Bank Statement, etc.


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