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The Trust (Amendment) Act, 2007 provides for compulsory registration of international (or "offshore") trusts with Belize's International Trust Registry.  The law also provides that all offshore trusts governed by Belize law must have a Trust Agent resident in Belize whose office would serve as the Office of the Trust.  Trusts created before the law was passed had a registration deadline of June 14th, 2008.  Please note that an international trust which is duly registered under the Trust (Amendment) Act, 2007 shall be exempt from any tax in Belize.

The complexity of drafting and managing a trust vary with each trust and it is difficult for us to quote a standard rate.  However, if you provide us with details of the trust we can provide you with a quotation.  Please contact us for more information.

Formation of Trust (Consulting & drawing up of the Trust Deed)
Price to be quoted based on work involved

hourly rate

Clients draw up the Trust Deed and Orion perform the following services:

Acceptance Fee
Vetting of Client's Trust Deed by local attorney

Filing and Recording of Trust at International Trust Registry

Trust Agent Service (for Orion to act as Trust Agent only)
Trustee Services (for Orion to act as Trustee & Trust Agent)
Protector Service (for Orion to act as Protector)
Trust Amendment
Transfer of Trust to Orion
Cancellation of Trust
Trust Accounting Services (price to be quoted based on work involved)
Mail Receiving & Forwarding Services (price to be quoted based on work involved)

TIME COSTS & DISBURSEMENTS - In addition, any time spent on client’s business,
other than that included above, will be billed as incurred.
 hourly rate

Questions? Contact us for more information about offshore trust services
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