Offshore CompaniesIBC Benefits and Restrictions  

There are many benefits to forming an offshore company in Belize.

1. Tax Minimization
  • A Belize Offshore Company is not subject to any taxes in Belize regardless of where its income is earned.

2. Asset Protection

  • A Belize IBC can provide insulation against frivolous lawsuits separating ownership from personal individual liability.

3. Confidentiality

  • No information pertaining to the identity of directors &/or shareholders need be filed on public record. An Offshore Company’s Register of Shareholders is available for inspection only by shareholders or by order of the Belize Courts at the request of any shareholder.
  • No public filing requirements except Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • No need for annual returns or audited accounts thereby saving fees.
  • Bearer shares may be issued.
4. Special Features
  • An offshore company can hold and maintain accounts with banks in Belize or anywhere else in the world.
  • An offshore company can hold shares in other offshore company and act as a director as well.
  • An Belize Offshore Company can be used for numerous purposes such as:
    • Maintaining offshore bank accounts
    • General commercial trading
    • Financial management
    • Holding investment securities offshore
    • Leasing of assets
    • Corporate trustee
    • Share ownership in other companies
    • Ownership of intellectual property
    • Factoring
    • Real estate ownership
    • Transfer pricing
    • Ship ownership
5. Great Flexibilities & Easy Maintenance
  • No exchange control restrictions.
  • Efficient and simple incorporation for fast reaction to instant planning needs.
  • Minimal capital requirement.  
  • A offshore company may have only one director and one shareholder. Corporate director(s) are allowed. Directors need not be resident in Belize. 
  • No requirements for a local director or secretary.
  • No requirements for an annual general meeting.
  • Meetings of directors &/or shareholders may be held in any country, at any time. Directors &/or shareholders may attend meeting by their proxy.



  • A Belize offshore company can not carry on business with residents in Belize
  • A Belize offshore company can not own real interest in real property situate in Belize
  • A Belize offshore company can not carry on a banking business, an insurance or reinsurance company, trust business or collective investment schemes.
  • An offshore company must maintain a Registered Agent and a Registered Office in Belize. A Belize offshore company can’t carry on the business of providing the registered office for companies.
  • A Belize offshore company can not hold share, stock, debt obligations or other securities in a local company.
  • A Belize offshore company can not issue its shares, stock, debt obligation or other securities to any person in Belize or any local company. 

Note: The terms Belize IBC and Belize Offshore Company are used interchangeably.


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