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Belize is an ideal country for offshore financial services. Besides it's ideal geographical location, it has a number of legal and governmental advantages.

Good Reputation
Offshore Financial Services in Belize
The offshore financial services Industry including Banks in Belize is  rigorously and well regulated and has specific legislation for the prevention of money laundering and fraud. Belize is not on OECD / FATF black lists. Belize is recognized as an ideal offshore center globally.

Rigid Regulatory Regime

The offshore financial services Commission has been created as an independent board with the responsibility to develop and regulate the offshore financial services Industry in order to promote confidence in the offshore financial services Industry. No service provider can legally act without a rigid vetting and investigation procedure thus ensuring control, approval and due diligence for the clients.


The Laws of Belize ensure the freedom of the individual, his business and the sanctity of private commercial transactions.

Low Incorporation & Maintenance Fees


  • Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth.
  • Belize is politically and economically stable.
  • Belize has long tradition of common law including some concepts foreign to civil law jurisdictions such as separate legal entity and trusts.
  • IBC is able to purchase its own shares and redeem its own shares.
  • Operating an account with local bank.   
  • Holding shares in other IBCs
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property
  • Owning a vessel registered in Belize
  • and much more...

All of the above make Belize one of the most ideal places to obtain offshore financial services.

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